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Rant Liberal do Dia

Um erro e uma vergonha:
Instrução estalinista -- um sistema gerido e zelado por políticos, engenheiros sociais, e convivas sentados de cátedra à mesa dos dinheiros "públicos" só pode fabricar descompensadamente vastas brigadas de clones -- funcionários, burocratas, apparatchiks, teóricos sociais, especialistas encartados de pastoreiro da "sociedade", a qual, apesar dos seus iluminados esforços (ou por causa deles) não lhes liga nenhuma, apesar de pagar penosamente a sua existência e perpetuação.

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The Real World Effects Of Unions

Milton Friedman - The Real World Effects Of Unions

Libertarianism: A Brief Introduction

Libertarianism: A Brief Introduction por Christopher Cantwell:
  • What is libertarianism?
  • Libertarianism: A Brief Introduction
  • Libertarianism is the prescription for proper application of force in society
  • How does libertarianism see government?
  • How Does Libertarianism View Government?
  • Imagine you behaved like government?
  • Is Libertarianism Actually Anarchism?
  • What about the US Constitution? What about “limited government”? Isn’t Ron Paul a libertarian?
  • How Does Libertarianism View The US Constitution?
  • What about the Libertarian Party?
  • What does libertarianism say about economics?
  • What rights does libertarianism recognize?
  • Are libertarians conspiracy theorists?
  • Want to find out more about libertarianism?

How the Global Warming Scare Began

How the Global Warming Scare Began

Acabar com a AICEP

E se a AICEP acabasse?:
O Estado e a diplomacia económica deveria centrar a sua actividade na negociação da redução de barreiras ao comércio mundial, na defesa do livre acesso aos mercados e na representação dos interesses portugueses nas instâncias internacionais. E os nossos interesses são os de acolher da mesma forma positiva tanto as exportações como as importações. Só com ambas conseguiremos criar riqueza, aumentar o nível de vida no nosso país e explorar as vantagens comparativas de Portugal.

The Pope, the Constitution, and Economics 101

The Pope, the Constitution, and Economics 101 | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

War against Sin

Jeffrey Tucker’s War against Sin:
Additionally we should note that boorishness is only one of countless human failings. We could also name timidity and cowardice, a lack of generosity, excessive judgmentalism, hedonism and miserabilism and countless others. Therefore, as long we are bringing matters of taste to the forefront why stop at demanding that libertarians privately do not give in to boorishness? What about other libertarians who dress badly, do not give out candy for Halloween or have an atrocious taste in music? What about libertarians who lack the personal courage to rush to the aid of their neighbors in an emergency such as a fire, or others who would never contemplate dedicating a penny to charity? Do we also condemn such libertarians for “missing the bigger point of human liberty” and for not being sufficiently dedicated to human cooperation and their fellow-man? Where does it stop? What human failing, if any, can we as libertarians tolerate, and why some and not the others?

Clearly the answer is that as libertarians we can tolerate any human failing. It is not our goal as libertarians to stamp out human failing. Advocating virtue is the work of priests, gurus and other moralists. Our job is ending systemic oppression and building a system that delivers equal justice to all. Libertarians are not in the business of making judgment calls and deciding the virtue, taste or beauty of actions, but only their justice.

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heinous criminals

Robert Higgs (FB):
To look at these people, you'd hardly suspect that they are the most heinous criminals, that some of them have sent subordinates to murder thousands of innocent men, women, and children; that some have overseen the kidnapping of millions of Americans who have violated no one's just rights; that some have subordinates who routinely bully and threaten sick and dying people by withholding from them medicines, treatments, and medical devices that might save their lives or diminish their suffering; that some oversee subordinates who enforce rules that keep millions of persons out of gainful employment; that some oversee subordinates who extort trillions of dollars from people who have done nothing to deserve such plunder -- and that every one of them lives by receiving extorted money.

To the naked eye, these capi di tutti capi seem to be well-scrubbed, well-dressed, middle-class, inoffensive, and even affable people, as different as anyone can imagine from the thugs who lurk on city street corners menacing passers-by with ominous glares and taunting catcalls. Yet their criminality is many orders of magnitude greater than that of the common urban miscreant. The greatest criminals know how to conceal their true character and, much more important, how to misrepresent -- indeed, to turn upside down -- the nature of their true roles in society.

The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate

The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate | Robert Higgs


Disband NATO! por jacob g. hornberger:
Deception and double-cross are precisely what NATO did to Russia after the end of the Cold War. They promised Russia that when the Warsaw Pact dissolved, NATO would go by the wayside too. It was a lie. They never intended to dissolve NATO. After all, dissolving NATO might mean no more crises, and everyone knows that crises are an essential prerequisite for the continued existence of the U.S. national-security state.

So, while the Warsaw Pact was disbanding, NATO was expanding … eastward, inexorably absorbing the countries that had formerly been members of the Warsaw Pact. The expansion brought NATO closer and closer to Russia’s borders. Anti-missile systems close to Russia were planned. And then NATO proposed to absorb Georgia and Ukraine, which would place NATO (including Germany) right on Russia’s borders and even place Russia’s longtime military bases in Crimea under NATO jurisdiction.

an Impossible Libertarian Dream

Not Even Achieving an Impossible Libertarian Dream Will Suffice:
Libertarians dream of cutting back the bloated Leviathan under whose weight people now struggle simply to catch their breath—breathing freely being almost beyond imagination. A few of us dream of eliminating the state altogether, however much we recognize the impossibility of doing so. Many more libertarians, however, believe that in propitious circumstances, the state might be slashed substantially.
We want a free society, but not even cutting real federal outlays by half would allow us to attain that goal. Indeed, it would leave us with the amount of real federal outlays the government actually made in 1984; and the Leviathan of 1984 is exactly the one of which I wrote in the original preface of my book Crisis and Leviathan, as follows:
Now, in virtually every dimension, our lives revolve within rigid limits circumscribed by government authorities; we are constrained continually and on all sides by Big Government. Regulations clutter the landscape. Governmental spending equals almost four-tenths of the gross national product.”
In short, just half the federal government’s current real outlays would suffice to sustain what I referred to in the mid-1980s as “that awesome aggregation of forces, programs, and activities we know as Big Government.
.. cutting the government’s real outlays in half is impossible unless some freakishly unlikely event, such as an enormous asteroid’s striking the earth, should occur. The only realistic libertarian goals—the only ones with even a ghost of a chance of attainment—are tantamount to removing a few grains of sand from the beaches of southern California. Not even the realization of my hypothetical “impossible dream” can create a free society; indeed, it can’t even bring us close to such a society. We have come too far; the monstrosity the American people have built is much, much too heavy for them to push off. So far as turning the United States into a free society is concerned, we simply cannot get there from here.

Paraísos fiscais

From Rags to Riches: The Cayman Islands Revolution | Learn Liberty

A escravatura dos tempos modernos

A escravatura dos tempos modernos:
E, no entanto, se substituirmos o protagonista principal desta história pelo Estado tudo passa a ser permitido. É permitido que trabalhemos 6 meses do ano só para pagar o punhado do feudo ao suserano Estado. Estamos proibidos de estipular um valor abaixo daquilo que este decreta. Estamos sujeitos à ampla discricionariedade dos legisladores, dos burocratas e da panóplia de indivíduos cuja vida se resume a impor sobre a vida dos outros. É o “bem comum”, clamam.

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The Truth About Taxes

The Truth About Taxes

incurable fanatics

Lawrence W. Reed:
When someone accuses you of being a "fanatic" because you're passionate about liberty and concerned about the harm its erosion does to real people, cite this:
If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large
William Wilberforce, addressing attacks on his anti-slavery positions in 1816.

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What is Social Justice?

What is Social Justice?

Hitler and the socialist dream

Hitler and the socialist dream:
It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too.
.. His differences with the communists, he explained, were less ideological than tactical. German communists he had known before he took power, he told Rauschning, thought politics meant talking and writing. They were mere pamphleteers, whereas "I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun", adding revealingly that "the whole of National Socialism" was based on Marx.

That is a devastating remark and it is blunter than anything in his speeches or in Mein Kampf ..
The claim that Hitler cannot really have been a socialist because he advocated and practised genocide suggests a monumental failure, then, in the historical memory. Only socialists in that age advocated or practised genocide, at least in Europe, and from the first years of his political career Hitler was proudly aware of the fact. Addressing his own party, the NSDAP, in Munich in August 1920, he pledged his faith in socialist-racialism: "If we are socialists, then we must definitely be anti-semites - and the opposite, in that case, is Materialism and Mammonism, which we seek to oppose." There was loud applause. Hitler went on: "How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-semite?" The point was widely understood, and it is notable that no German socialist in the 1930s or earlier ever sought to deny Hitler's right to call himself a socialist on grounds of racial policy.

Recycle Smarter

Recycle Smarter than a Third Grader! | Learn Liberty

Rant Liberal do Dia

Não querem trocar umas ideias sobre o assunto?

Jovem, se és 1) um idealista "útil" 2) simplesmente queres viver à custa de outros 3) um sociopata animalesco -- junta-te a nós: temos lugares no parlamento e nas autarquias, tempo de antena e tratamento fofinho nos media, arruadas e bandeiras, festivais de Verão e bancadas de honra no Campo Pequeno, e foices e martelos para cobrires todo o país de vermelho!


Snowden to EU: No legal means challenge mass surveillance (FULL VIDEO)
Snowden to EU: No legal means challenge mass surveillance (FULL VIDEO)

Salário mínimo, política pulha e canalha

Salário Mínimo = excluir por legislação a gente menos produtiva do mercado de trabalho = política pulha e canalha.

Os ausentes por João Miranda